10 Most Used Weak Passwords, Change Them Now!

 - Sakshi Post

ALERT: Never use these passwords on the internet, as they are the most used passwords 

Check to see if you're using one of the passwords listed below. If your password appears in this list, you should immediately change it.

To remember the passwords for various social media accounts and apps, many people choose simple passwords.

Cyber experts warn that using such simple passwords could put your accounts at risk.

In this context, we've compiled a list of the top ten passwords that many people have used in the last year. Change any passwords you're using from these right away.

1) 123456

2) picture1

3) qwerty

4) password

5) 111111

6) abc123

7) password1

8) 12345

9) 1234567

10) 12345678

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