10 Essential Apps For College Students in 2022

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With the prevalence of the pandemic, college students are navigating through an unchartered path. The college life they heard about, read and saw in the movies is not what they are living. The multiple waves of COVID-19 have prevented regular on-campus education. However, life has not come to a stop; students continue to learn and grow through online mediums. Their smartphones have been their friend, philosopher and guide, providing them with an opportunity to download applications that can help them study, collaborate, communicate, enjoy and groom themselves.

Some of the must-have applications for students in 2022 are: 

  • Google Classroom: A free learning platform that facilitates online education, Google Classroom can be used by teachers and students to continue the learning process as on-campus education has been impossible due to the rampant waves of the pandemic. The application allows students to communicate with their teachers, seek answers to their problems, send completed assignments and attend online lectures.  
  • Zoom: While grown-ups use Zoom for their business communication needs, students need zoom to attend the countless seminars and learning sessions that take place beyond their classrooms. Zoom meetings allow students to participate in lectures and seminars happening anywhere around the world, provided they can secure valid login credentials.   
  • Telegram: While every college student misses communicating with their buddies and classmates in the real world, communication solutions like Telegram help youngsters connect with their friends individually or join them for conversation in groups. Telegram has emerged as a favourite app for its enhanced security features, which assures students that their communication will remain privy.  Moreover, Telegram has become the hub for college students to access all kinds of notes & e-books to refer to as well.
  • Office Lens: Buying every book or copying class notes is not a smart move. Students today know the value and essence of money and time. They try to use resources like the Office Lens app, which turns their phone camera into a scanner to scan costly and scarcely available books and notes. Thus they can save money while also reducing the time and effort that would have gone into penning down the notes. 
  • Gaana Music: Students are engaged in improving and increasing their knowledge through an unstoppable learning process; they need to relax and refresh themselves by listening and grooving to their favourite songs. Gaana Music app is the perfect choice for students as it provides them unlimited access at a limited price. Students can enjoy ad-free streaming and limitless download without paying the regular subscription charges. All they need to do to avail this offer is to prove their student identity.
  • mPokket: Most teenagers and college students have limited money to spend. They mostly rely on the pocket money that parents allocate them at the start of each month. They find themselves in a fix if they want to spend some extra money on birthday celebrations, grooming themselves, decorating their rooms or even buying gifts for their loved ones. However, with the mPokket application on their phone, they can be free from the worries of making these last-minute expenses. A fintech solution specially designed for youngsters, mPokket allows students to avail of instant loans ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 20000 at monthly interest rates of 3%. 
  • Rapido: While the movement is restricted due to the spread of COVID-19 these days, it is not prohibited. Meeting your friends or classmates might become pressing at times. However, public transport options are crowded, and the chances of infection are high; opting for individual rides with verified and vaccinated riders is a smart move. Downloading Rapido can help youngsters reach their destinations safely without any hassle. Also, several Rapido discount coupons are available on online student communities that can reduce the fares by up to 50%.
  • Pool champs by MPL-8 ball Pool: Keeping yourself stress-free in the prevalent circumstances is necessary. As many youngsters have not been able to meet their friends and family members for long times, they must unwind themselves by playing skill-based online games like the Pool champs by MPL-8 ball Pool. Students can destress themselves by playing a round or two and get back to their studies. 
  • Urban Company: While students are not interacting on-campus, they do have to show up their faces regularly in the online sessions. Youngsters do not want their stubble or awry eyebrows to be visible to their friends and classmates. Professional grooming and salon services by Urban Company allows them to save themselves from the embarrassment they might have had to face. With this app on their phone, they can groom themselves without going to their favourite salon.
  • Zomato: While the idea of eating out with friends has been shelved for months now, students can still share their love for food by ordering food online through Zomato. They can celebrate by sending food to their friends and family or ordering food for themselves and avoid the risk of infection involved in eating at dine-out restaurants. Furthermore, the additional discounts for new buyers and other promotional offers make it lucrative for the cash strapped youngsters.

Students can lead a content life by using the above mentioned applications judiciously. They can and must make the most of the technology available and utilise these platforms to extract maximum benefits out of them.

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