Wrestler Priya Malik Did Not Win Gold At The Tokyo Olympics

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A lot of confusion has been surrounding the gold medal win of Priya Malik. Yes, she has indeed won the medal, but the event is wrong. Many people think that Malik has won the medal at the Tokyo Olympics, but that is not correct. 

People even started congratulating her on the Olympics Gold Medal win and hailed this as the second honour for India. “After silver medal, we now have gold one, Wow! Congratulations. So Proud,” read a post on Twitter. The Netizen was referring to the silver medal win by Mirabai Chanu, the first win for India at Tokyo Olympics this year, and the gold for Priya Mailk.

In reality, only Mirabai Chanu has won a medal till now. She won a silver medal in the women’s weightlifting category and that is the only one as of now. So the news regarding Priya Malik’s win at the Olympics is fake.

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Priya Malik has won the gold medal in the 73 kg category at the Cadet World Championships in Budapest on July 22. It is a totally different event. So we would like to inform all that this is not the Olympics but another event which was held in Budapest, Hungary.

At that event, India won in two categories in the 43kg and 73kg. In the 43kg category, Tannu Malik and the 73kg, Priya Malik won the medals. She won against the Belarus wrestler. This news was shared everywhere but since the event happened about the same time as Olympics, people thought she won in Tokyo.

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