Why Did Sourav Ganguly and Nagma Breakup?

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Film stars and cricket players are frequently in the news for dating, and there have been many instances of people from these two worlds hooking up. There are successful courtships between members of the Indian cricket team and members of the entertainment industry, but these stories are incomplete.

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly celebrated his 49th birthday on June 8. Fans, followers, and Indian team members greeted him. A few of them even remembered his breakup story with actress Nagma which has gone viral. But do you know how it happened? Read on to know.

The relationship between actress Nagma and Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly is much discussed. There were many rumors about the duo that they were dating in the early 2000s. The relationship was unusual in that Ganguly was already married to popular dancer Dona Ganguly at the time.

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In an interview, Nagma spoke openly about their relationship, claiming that she had never denied the allegations of their relationship.

"Whatever one says, nobody has denied anything. As long as there is no denial of each other's existence in each other's life, any person can say anything they want, "said Nagma

Talking about the reason behind their break up, she said, "There was a career at stake, besides other things, so one had to part. One had to weigh a lot of things, rather than be on an ego trip and insist on being together."

Nagma also revealed that people had begun to blame her for Ganguly's poor performance, claiming that sport is a sport and that people get carried away with it. She went on to say that if you feel like you're causing someone else's life to be misery, it's best to move on.

Nagma was the leading actress in the 2000s before moving into politics. She worked in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, and in Marathi movies.

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