When Shoaib Akhtar Cautioned Anushka About Virat Kohli

 - Sakshi Post

When it was announced that Virat Kohli would be the future captain of India, Pakistani star cricketer Shoaib Akhtar spoke to Kohli's wife, actress Anushka Sharma. He claimed that he cautioned her against hiring him as a captain.

Virat Kohli's outstanding performance as captain, on the other hand, has proven me wrong. "I think Virat Kohli has done a fantastic job as captain," Shoaib said.

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In an event, I told Anushka Sharma that I felt Virat Kohli was making a mistake by becoming captain. I knew he was under a lot of stress, and I knew it was weighing him down. There are roughly 20,000 TV sets and channels in a country like India with a billion people, which is plenty to slam him."

"I was thinking to myself, ‘he's a young kid, let him score runs and play his game,'" Shoaib explained.

Kohli took up the responsibility as skipper. He took it on and made sure that the quick bowlers were imbued with his replica, said Shoaib.

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