What is Bio Bubble Format in IPL? Does It Protect Players From Coronavirus?

 - Sakshi Post

Bio Bubble Format is the recent trending word being used on sports platforms. But do you know what it is?
The IPL2020 season was conducted in UAE because of Corona Virus. To conduct the IPL 2021 season in India, the IPL governing council has set up a bio-secure environment for players and franchises. 
1.    The aim of bio-bubble is to keep the players in a strict environment. The players are not allowed to go outside. They have permitted access to their hotel and ground. This is to ensure that the risk of contracting COVID19 is low.

2.    Visitors, family, friends, and relatives are not allowed during the duration of the tournament.
3.    The players have to be in self-quarantine. They have to come in advance to complete their quarantine period and then start practice sessions.
4.    Empty Stadiums: There will be no eye feast for the audience. The audience is not allowed to the stadiums. To encourage the players, cheering voices will be played. If the player hits 50 or 100, they lift their bat and show it to an empty stadium. 

Some former players are expressing their views and concerns like, 'Will the bio-bubble format really save the player from Covid-19?' Some of the players tested positive in their quarantine period when they came to play IPL 2021. However, the IPL2021 season will be going in this format.

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