UEFA Euro: England Beats Croatia in a 1-0 Victory

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The Euro Cup 2021 started on June 12. If you want to watch the match in India, you can do so at 12.30 am IST. Uefa European Championship which was meant to be held in 2020 got postponed due to the Covid19 pandemic.

What comes as happy news for the fans is that they will be allowed to watch their favourite sport in the stadium. The previous season of European club championships couldn’t happen with the supporters but this time, cheers will be heard in the stadium.

England and Croatia on Sunday faced off, in which England won 1-0. This was the first time that England won the EURO opener. Also, it was the first time Croatia lose the game in the first group of the tournament. It was Raheem Sterling who scored the crucial goal for his team.

Sterling scored the goal which gave England the win in the opening match. The vibe was different as this time, fans were there too. Over 20,000 fans attended the match at Wembley stadium.

The goal was done at halftime. From Phil Foden to midfielder Kalvin Phillips. The ball was passed to Sterling who managed to run past all the defences and score the smashing winning goal.

Croatia will be facing the Czech Republic on Friday. It is to be seen how they make a comeback. Meanwhile, England will go against Scotland, which they consider as their top rivals.

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