Top 5 Cricket Teams in ICC Ranking After Asia Cup 2022

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Asia Cup 2022 has ended on a grand note with Sri Lanka winning the title for the sixth time. After the Asia Cup, there were changes in the ICC ranking list.  

After losing to the Sri Lanka team, the Pakistan squad has suffered a significant setback in the latest ICC standings. Before the Asia Cup Pakistan, is placed second, but the rank has now changed. Currently, Pakistan's team stands in fourth place. Even though India lost in the Asia Cup, India stands in first place in the ICC rankings.

After India, England and South Africa teams were there with 262 and 258 rating points respectively. 

Cricket Teams' Current Standings in ICC Ranking List

India - 268 rating points
England - 262 rating points
South Africa - 258 rating points
Pakistan - 258 rating points
New Zealand - 252 rating points

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