Top 3 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps In India

Top 3 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps In India - Sakshi Post

Fantasy Sports Application provides a unique opportunity for both Android and iOS-based users to be the real decision-makers in any game with their ability to make today match prediction. These Applications lets you pick the players who are expected to perform best in the Today Match Prediction; what makes it even more interesting and addictive is the additional possibility of winning rewards in cash.

Different Applications work in different ways when it comes to the reward system. Some offer cash rewards, a sign-up bonus, a bonus when you invite a friend, while some offer coupons and discounts.

According to the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, There is a huge rise in the number of fantasy sports players in the US, from 18 million in 2006 to over 59.3 million in 2017. In India, approximately there are seven Million users of the Fantasy Sports Application who not only plays cricket but also other sports including Kabaddi, Football, and Hockey in order to make their today match prediction in fantasy apps.

Thus, this perfect blend of fun and reward has allowed different start-ups to tap the demand for fantasy applications in India. Also, many of the sports leagues have started to identify these applications as an incremental tool for generating fan engagement. Today, according to the IFSG report, two out of the three sports fans know about the Fantasy Sports Application and how can they earn by just doing today match prediction based on their perfect or near to perfect fantasy team.

Top Three Fantasy Sports Apps In India:

Dream 11:

Probably the oldest fantasy sports application in India, Dream11 needs no introduction. They have the best user interface among others. Started in 2008, Dream 11 became the first and only fantasy sports application from India to reach a $1 Billion valuation. They are one of the most used Fantasy Gaming app at the moment in India. They recently got the opportunity to sponsor the Indian Premier League 2020. They are one of the best in the field of fantasy cricket that provides users with the opportunity to use their cricket knowledge while doing dream 11 predictions for today's match and forming teams for the game respectively.

Started: 2008

Users: More than 10 crores


HalaPlay is Daily Fantasy Sport that focuses not only on cricket but also on Football and Kabaddi. The USP of Halaplay when introduced was the team Updating policy. Halaplay allowed the user to change their line-up even after the toss and locked the teams only a few seconds before the match while Dream 11 and other applications used to lock the teams one hour before the match. Now, Dream 11 has worked on it as well. Also, Halaplay was one of the first to use machine learning and data analytics to help users in doing today's match prediction that can be done after the toss as well.

Started: 2016

Users: More than 5 crores

MyCircle 11

MyCircle 11 is the latest entrant among the three applications mentioned here. The Application was introduced recently but has seen 30X growth since the launch, according to the CEO and co-founder Vinit. The Application concentrates on Cricket, Football, Volleyball, and Kabaddi.

What makes MyCircle 11 cricket stand out is the fact that there is no strict restriction when it comes to the team structure. One can select as many as six all-rounders, batsmen, bowlers, and four wicket-keepers in their fantasy team while the minimum pick is just one, unlike other fantasy apps. In other fantasy apps, the minimum pick in the bowlers and batsmen category is three, and the maximum pick in the all-rounder category is four. This app has recently emerged as one of the pioneers in the fantasy application world for sports fans where anyone can come prepare their best fantasy team for today's match prediction and win big in the games.

Started: 2019

Users: 1 crore


Fantasy gaming apps have certainly gained popularity among cricket fans. Nowadays, several apps are running across India, and fans are confused that which app is safe and secure for them to play. So, we have shortlisted, top three gaming apps where users can come for Today Match Prediction and picks their favorite fantasy site win prize money. These apps are 100% safe to play and are reckoned as the giants of the fantasy gaming world.

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