Thomas Cup 2022: India Creates History to Lift Maiden Cup

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The Indian men's badminton team created history in Jakarta after India defeated Indonesia to win their first Thomas Cup in 73 years. From the start of the play, it was a nerve-wracking game. However, Indian players displayed immense confidence and sportsmen spirit to win the game. 
The Indonesian players gave a tough fight and stood strong till the end, but the Indian players broke all the barriers and clinched the cup 3-0. In the first three games, Lakshy Sen, Satwik-Chirag, and K. Srikanth completed the match.

Lakshy Sen vs Ginting:

Lakshy Sen defeated Ginting in the first game with scores of 21-8, 17-22, and 16-21. Ginting had a good start and won the first set. The Lakshysen came back and fought stronger against the Ginting by winning the next two sets.

Satwik-Chirag and Ahsan-Sukuljo

It was a great game from the Indian side and it was thrilling till the end. Satwik-Chirag defeated Ahsan-Sukamuljo by 21-18, 21023, and 19-23. The opponents started off well. However, the Indian players gave a tough fight till the end of the first set and won the second match.

K. Srikanth vs. J. Christie

After winning two matches, Srikanth's game was the decider match. Another thrilling game but Srikanth stood calm and defeated the Christie 18-21,20-20 and gave the win to India

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