Thanks To Coronavirus, IPL 2020 Breaks TV Records, 405 Million Viewers Watched IPL Season 13: BARC

 - Sakshi Post

Indian Premier League (IPL) saw a tremendous rise in its viewing minutes. IPL had 326 billion viewing minutes in 2019 and saw an increase of 23 billion this year. It marked a whooping number of 400 billion viewing minutes in 2020.  That is a 23 percent increase, according to data provided by Broadcast Audience Research Council India (BARC). IPL is the first sports tournament in 2020 to have such a viewership.  

Around 405 Million viewers watched IPL this year. Passing last year’s record, in 2020 IPL had 7.3 billion viewing minutes and a total reach of 110 million per match in its first four weeks. That means with a total of 32 matches. In comparison to this, the 2019 season of IPL had 5.6 billion viewing minutes and collective reach of 99 million with 35 matches. Even with 3 less matches, this year’s IPL broke the previous year’s record.  The average time that a viewer has spent on a match recorded at 42 minutes as opposed to 37 minutes last year.

IPL season 13 saw an amazing increase in the female viewership as well. When compared to last year, 2020 IPL saw 33 percent growth in female viewership. Even the OTT platforms aren’t behind. People also watched the matches on Disney+Hotstar 

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