Rafael Nadal's Relationship Update On Facebook Amid French Open

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Rafael Nadal fans woke up to a crazy day when the ace tennis player altered his relationship status on Facebook. With an update on June 7, Nadal announced to the public that he had married his 14-year partner, Maria Francisca Perello, in the year 2019. With a new update two years after their marriage, his followers were left scratching their heads in confusion.

On the social networking site Facebook, Nadal uploaded a "Got Married" post and gave some unexpected news for the rest of the globe.
“Married since October 2019,” states an update on Nadal's Facebook page's "About" section. Fans couldn't decide how they felt, there was a flood of jokes and queries.

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Users on the platform are curious as to why the Spanish athlete took so long to update his social media account with his relationship status. Many of Nadal's followers were ecstatic and overjoyed by his considerate post.

A few people grabbed the opportunity to express their support for their favorite tennis star. “Congratulations, but I couldn't guess he'd be getting married in the middle of the French Open,” one user remarked. Others responded by proving that Nadal had been married since 2019.

Nadal is in the fourth round of Roland Garros 2021, chasing a record-breaking 21st Grand Slam. Since his debut in 2005, the third-seeded Spaniard has a record of 103 victories and only two losses in the French Open.

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