Olympics Effect: Indian Parents Okay With Kids Choosing Sport Other Than Cricket As Career

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You can call it the Olympics effect but thanks to it, there has been a shift in the way Indian parents are now reacting to their children being interested in sports, other than cricket. Parents are now becoming open to other sports and are wanting to support their children in their careers.

We all are aware of the place that cricket holds in our nation, but looks like there has been a change in the way people are reacting. Indians are now becoming more welcoming to other sports as well. Ever since Indian athletes have made the nation proud at the Tokyo Olympics, our nation has seen a shift. Indian families are now saying that they will support their children no matter what sport they choose.

A Community platform LocalCircles conducted an India-wide survey, under which they wanted to test if there has been any shift in the way Indians feel and think, after the Olympics. Especially owing to the contributions of weightlifter and Silver medalist Mirabai Chanu; javelin thrower and gold medalist Neeraj Chopra, we can say that there has been a change in the mindset.

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The study showed that almost 71% of Indian families will be okay with whatever sport their kid chooses. It need not be cricket, they will be supportive of any sport that their kid chooses. Now, even Hockey has become a top option for many.

It is not about the popularity of cricket in India, but the overall life in sports other than cricket. The earning is different and the struggle is more. Financial stability is something that concerns most parents. But looking at how things went during Tokyo Olympics, slowly the mindset is shifting.

Over 18,000 people from 309 districts took part in the study. Compared to last year, this time, people were more invested in Olympics. They watched it and were updated with the events. Usually not many would watch the Olympics, but this time, there was an increase when compared to last year.

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