Netizens Troll Cristiano: Ronaldo and Coca Cola Used To Be Friends, Brand him Hypocrite

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Recently Portugal captain and legend footballer Cristiano Ronaldo came into the headlines after he did something at the Euro 2020 Press conference. The player removed coca-cola bottles from the table and urged everyone to only drink water.

While his intentions might have been good where he thought he is promoting healthy habits, that is not what everyone thought. Ronaldo even at 36, is one of the best footballers out there. His lifestyle and healthy habits have still put him in great shape. He is often seen promoting such a lifestyle to others as well. On June 15, Ronaldo along with coach Fernando Santos attended the Euro press conference.

Here’s what happened:

At the event, two coca cola bottles were placed in front of Ronaldo. But the player immediately slid away the bottles and kept only the water bottle for himself. He then lifted the water bottle, showing it to the camera and asked the viewers to ‘drink water’ only.

What happened next came as a shock to the Soda company. After the incident, the brand saw a serious hit. The value of Coca Cola went down from USD 242 billion to USD 238 billion.

The audience had varied views over this. A lot of people appreciated Ronaldo’s gesture and believed this will surely influence many and boost a healthy habit in them. Health enthusiasts were really happy. But also few were left surprised. A video of Ronaldo endorsing the cola drink has now once again become viral on social media.

It is an old ad where the footballer is seen endorsing Coca Cola. Netizens are now calling him a ‘hypocrite.’ There is no need for you to drink it, but you can just keep the bottle there, said the users. "Don't drink it, if you don't want to. The bottle can still stay there right? Why remove it," wrote a user. 

“The bottle is doing no harm. It is there as the brand is one of the sponsors. You can leave the bottle alone. You do not have to drink it. They are the sponsors. It is disrespectful to do that. Now Coca Cola suffered a 4 billion value fall because of him. This is not right,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

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