Look How Steve Smith Escaped After Getting Stuck in The Elevator

 - Sakshi Post

Steve Smith, Australia's vice-captain in Test cricket, was stuck in an elevator for almost an hour on Thursday, December 30. Smith shared on Instagram what occurred inside the elevator and asked his fans what they would do if they were in his position.

The 32-year-old stated that he became stuck inside an elevator that was most likely 'out of service. He tried to unlock it from inside while his friend Marnus Labuschagne tried to open the entrance from outside, but their attempts were hopeless.

In addition, the Australian batsman stated that his evening did not go as planned.

"I am on my floor, and I am going to stay here, but the doors won't open. Apparently, it is out of service up there. I have attempted to open the door; I have got this side open, and Marnus (Labuschagne) is on the other side, but to no avail. "Let's be honest, it was not the evening I had planned," Smith stated on his Instagram story.

"So, I'm simply going to take a seat. What else are you supposed to do when you're caught in a lift? I could stay for a while. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do? " He was spotted questioning his admirers.

Finally, the lift operators rescued Smith from the elevator, bringing an end to his short adventure. Following that, Steve Smith will be seen in action in the fourth Test of the Ashes on January 5.

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