IPL2021: New Rules Every Cricket Lover Should Know In Season 14

 - Sakshi Post

The second wave of COVID-19 is spreading across the country. The matches will be played in a bio-bubble format. The players have to follow the BCCI and Covid rules. Now there are new rules for matches. Here are the top-10 rules in IPL2021
1.    New Time Limit:
Match has to complete within 90minutes including the two strategic time-outs. The innings break  should not exceed 20 minutes
2.    Minimum Over Rate:
Every team has to bowl 14.11 overs in an hour. If there is a slow over-rate the skipper has to pay the fine. It is for the first time the captain has to pay Rs 12 Lakhs. For the second time the fine is  Rs 24Lakhs and for the third and fourth time Rs 30 lakhs. If it repeatedly happens the team will not play the match.
3.    No Soft Signal:
In this IPL2021 season, on-field umpires have no chance to give the soft signal. The third umpire has to take the decision If it's a doubtful catch or if the players violate the rules.
4.    Super Over Limit
 Superover happen oftenly in IPL.  If it is a super over it has to complete in within one hour, if not the teams share the match points
5.    Short Run-Call
The filed umpire has the decision to cut the score if the batsman didn’t cross the creaze while taking runs. Now the new rule is the third umpire can oppose the field umpire decision.
6.    Covid Rules For IPL In Chennai
Players who are coming to Chennai should have an E-Pass issued by Tamilnadu Government. In that, they mentioned Covid rules
7.    RT-PCR Tests
Players have to take the RT-PCR test three times a week. If they get negative then can play the IPL

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