IPL Slapgate: Harbhajan Breaks Finally What Exactly Happened With Sreesanth

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IPL 2022 has just concluded, with the Gujarat Titans (GT) being crowned champions. Expect a few umpiring decisions, there was nothing controversial this season. 

The cash-rich tournament has been embroiled in a number of controversies over the years. One incident that will live on in the minds of fans is the infamous slapgate scandal that rocked the cricket fraternity. The controversy occurred during the 2008 IPL season, involving veteran Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh and S Sreesanth. The two had a heated argument during the Mumbai Indians vs. Punjab Kings match. 

Harbhajan was accused of hitting Sreesanth during the routine round of handshakes at the end of the match. While the incident was not captured on camera, pacer Sreesanth was seen crying after the game. Harbhajan Singh was suspended for the rest of the IPL season shortly after the incident.

Harbhajan Singh has opened up about his mistake while speaking at the Glance LIVE Fest, recalling the incident. He acknowledged that the incident should not have occurred.

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"What happened was incorrect. I made a mistake. My teammate had to suffer embarrassment as a result of my actions. I felt humiliated. If I had to go back and fix one thing, it would be how I treated Sreesanth on the field. This should never have happened. When I think about it, there was no need for it," said Harbhajan.

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