IPL 2021 Teams With Highest Fan Following

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IPL 2021 started with the match between RCB and MI which was won by Royal Challengers Bangalore. Like every year, even this time we have millions of fans who waited for the series to begin. The Indian Premier League is something that people wait for every year.

Teams have their jersey, slogan, songs and anthems. Fans are very loyal and support their favourite team, wholeheartedly. From the get-go, you will have the fans indulging in promotions of their favourite teams. While the paramount thing is that the players do well but along with their performance, it is the fans’ support that motivates them.

For various reasons, many teams have garnered huge popularity, some more than others. While for some teams it might be the captain that sparked the fans’ interest in them, for others it could be their performance over the years and other such things.

Not going too deep, here we will just take a look at the number of followers these teams have on social media platforms. Based on that, you can get an indication, as to which team is being supported by a lot of fans.

1. Mumbai Indians

Take a look at the total number of followers that Mumbai Indians have on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook – 13 Million

Twitter – 6.3 Million

Instagram – 6.8 Million

2. Kolkata Knight Riders

The fan following of KKR is no joke. Here you see the total number of followers that they have on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook – 16 Million

Twitter – 4.3 Million

Instagram – 2.4 Million

3. Royal Challengers Bangalore

As we all know RCB has been trying to win the tournament for a long time. Fans are waiting for the day to come and are standing with the team. They provide full support to RCB.

Facebook – 9.4 Million

Twitter – 4.3 Million

Instagram – 6 Million

4. Chennai Super Kings

CSK has won the IPL tournament, thrice. Their performance has been amazing every year as they mostly manage to reach the finals. Fans of this team support them fully and encourage them on social media.

Facebook – 12 Million

Twitter – 6.6 Million

Instagram – 6.9 Million

5. Sunrisers Hyderabad

Let's take a look at the number of followers this IPL team has on all social media platforms. SRH is one of the top contenders, this season.

Facebook – 5.9 Million

Twitter – 2.5 Million

Instagram – 2.3 Million

6. Punjab Kings

The team owner and Bollywood superstar Preity Zinta’s presence in the stadiums at every match has increased the followers every year. People love this team. The following keeps increasing every year.

Facebook – 8.5 Million

Twitter – 2.3 Million

Instagram – 2.1 Million

7. Delhi Capitals

This team has been performing better than the previous seasons and includes some good players. Many fans have placed their faith in Delhi Capitals.

Facebook – 7 Million

Twitter – 1.7 Million

Instagram – 2.4 Million

8. Rajasthan Royals

Rajasthan Royals won the inaugural edition in 2008. The popularity of this team has maintained its pace. The team has some loyal fans that are waiting for the Royals to lift the trophy, once again.

Facebook – 4.2 Million

Twitter – 1.5 Million

Instagram – 1.6 Million

As we can see, team KKR is leading in the Facebook fan following with 16 Million followers. CSK has 6.6 followers on Twitter and is the champion on that platform. Instagram is ruled again by CSK with 6.9 million followers. Winning on 2 platforms, Chennai Super Kings have become the overall champion.

This was the popularity review of all the teams of this IPL season. These are just the numbers. We will get to see which team the fans are leaning towards, this season, sometime. After all, it all depends on the performance of the team and the match leader board.

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