Instagram: 'Take A Break' With Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma

 - Sakshi Post

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma define what true love is... The cutest couple is one of the most lovable couples in the tinsel town. They take time out of their busy schedule and spend some quality time together. But, now due to the coronavirus pandemic, both of them are staying at home and are having fun time. Virat and Anushka stay active on social media and are not leaving any stone unturned to impress the fans with their adorable posts.

Sharing the video, Instagram wrote, "Take A Break with Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. She’s an actress(Anushka Sharma). He’s a cricket player (Virat Kohli). They’re a power couple. It’s time to Take A Break with these lovebirds who give a whole new meaning to friendly competition. Learn more about them and prepare to smile big."

⁣The video starts with Anushka saying, "Hi Instagram, We are Anushka and Virat. I'm an actress and Virat is a cricket player in India. We invite you to take a break with us. When you've known each other for as many years as we have, you find out a lot of funny and interesting things about one another."

After Anushka, Virat says,  "And today, we are going to ask each other three sets of questions divided into three parts relating to our profession, our lives about each other. And we'll see who knows who better. To begin with what Anushka knows about cricket." Here is the video.

Virat Kohli shared the video with a caption, "Find out who knows who better, in this fun and interactive Take A Break session with us. Hope you guys enjoy it and figure out who the winner is because I couldn't!" Here iis the video.

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