Indian Fencer Bhavani Devi Out Of The Tokyo Olympics Race

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For the first time in history, India has sent a candidate for fencing. Bhavani Devi made her Olympics fencing debut this season and the hopes with her were high. This was the first time that India had selected someone to participate in fencing.

But Bhavani Devi did not qualify further and her Olympics debut journey ended with Round 2. She qualified for the second round in the women's individual sabre event but she could not make it further and lost the match on Monday.

The fencer got an amazing start with a 15-3 win against Tunisia's Nadia Ben Azizi in the first round. Her win was a historic one as she won by a great margin. But her luck ran out in the next round as she faced world number three Manon Brunet, who is also the Rio Olympic semifinalist. While Bhavani’s FIE rank is 42. The match ended 7-15 with Brunet’s victory.

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Bhavani was all focused and filled with power. Her moves were filled with belligerence and she managed to score points but Brunet took over. Things became difficult for the Indian fencer when she stepped out of the arena and lost two points.

She tried overtaking and scored points in the third round. But the points she lost in the first and second round could not be recovered. After two rounds, the score was 2-8 in Brunet’s favor. The gap seemed impossible to bridge. But Bhavani gave her all and tried to turn the tables in the third round. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and the match ended 7-15.

Indians are congratulating Bhavani Devi on her Olympics fencing debut, a sport that is not very well known in the country. She is an inspiration to all. 

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