ICC Announces Dog Of The Month Award: Deets Inside

ICC Dog Of The Month - Sakshi Post

The International Cricket Council (ICC) had named the men's and women's Player of the Month for August on Monday (September 13), but what got everyone's attention was a dog that had delightfully stormed the ground during a women's domestic T20 match in Ireland.

The charming actions of the dog, whose name is Dazzle, attracted netizens and even drew the notice of ICC, who shared a photo of the dog on Twitter with the caption 'ICC Dog of the Month. They also referred to the dog as "Ireland cricket's top fielder."

"We have an additional Player of the Month winner this time. Exceptional athleticism in the field", wrote ICC on Twitter and added a video. Within hours, the video went viral.

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In the video, the dog is seen racing across the pitch, causing his owner to chase it around during the All-Ireland T20 Women's Cup semi-final match between Bready and CSN on Saturday (September 11).

During the process, the dog also got a hold of the ball and held it between his teeth till it eventually stopped after being hugged with a pat at the non-end striker's

Meanwhile, England Test captain Joe Root and Ireland's Eimear Richardson have been named ICC Players of the Month for August 2021.

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