Ghost Caught On Stumps Camera During Zimbabwe Bangladesh Match: Cricket Fans Spooked

 - Sakshi Post

An unusual occurrence took place during the Twenty20 International match between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.  It was Mohammad Saifuddin’s on strike when it happened. Even before Tendai Chatara from Zimbabwe bowled, the bails fell off. Many kept thinking that the batsman must have mistakenly hit the wickets resulting in a hit-wicket.

But when the umpires reviewed the video and the third umpire was consulted, it was declared as Not Out. The batsman had not hit the wickets nor did the bowl do it. The bail just fell off on its own without anything. Many brushed it off as the result of wind and said that these things can happen sometimes. While many on Twitter were busy joking and said that it was a “Ghost’s doing”.

Watch the video here: 

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