In a First, Tokyo Olympics Athletes To Wear Medals On Their Own

 - Sakshi Post

The Tokyo Olympics will begin on July 23 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and there will be many firsts at the Games. While spectators in Tokyo are prohibited from seeing the sport from the stands, the epidemic has caused a change in medal ceremonies too...

Usually, the winners stand on the podiums and the dignitaries present the medal. But now, the three medals will be delivered to the athletes on a tray, and they will be required to wear them around their necks. Handshakes and hugs are not allowed. Also, there are no spectators, remember?

"The medals will not be given around the neck," International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach said on Wednesday.

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"It will be made sure the person who will put the medal on the tray will do it with disinfected gloves. Presenters and athletes will wear a mask. There will be no handshakes and no hugs during the ceremony," he added.

Despite the fact that no spectators will be permitted inside sports arenas, strong health procedures will be in place for all Games competitors, the Olympics have lost a lot of public support in Japan due to fears that they may create an outbreak of Covid virus.

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