First Time In Cricket History: One Nation, Two Series

 - Sakshi Post

India is the first country to field two national teams at the same time, something Australia attempted but struggled to do during their heyday said former Pakistan player Inzamam-ul-Haq. Inzamam also stated that both India's teams: the Test team, which will play in England, and the limited-overs side, which will play in Sri Lanka: appear to be solid.

The idea of putting together a second Indian team is thrilling. Australia tried to do what India is trying to do today years ago, but they were not successful. India seems to be succeeding. I believe this is the first time that a national cricket team would play two separate series. One side is from one country, while the other is from another, and both are national teams.”

India's main team will head to the United Kingdom for the World Twenty20 final and then a five-match Test series against England. Simultaneously, a ‘B' team will play Sri Lanka in a limited-overs series in July. Since a majority of the seasoned players have been chosen for the Test squad, some young players will have the chance to play against Sri Lanka.

Inzamam believes that India's second team will be as powerful as the one in England, and he attributes this abundance of talent to the IPL and India's domestic structure.

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