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FIFA World Cup is the talk of the town and every time the football tournament begins, there's so much action happening on and off the field. Footballers have been accused of sleeping with wives of fellow players and even sex workers.

Today, we bring to you the five biggest sex scandal to rock FIFA World Cup till date.

Scandal 1
Way back in 2010, Six Czech Republic players, including the coach were dropped killing their chances of qualifying for FIFA World Cup after pics of the players reportedly hanging out with supposed 'sex workers' were leaked. This happened soon after the country was defeated by Slovakia in the qualifier match.

Scandal 2
Again in 2010, Karim Benzema Franck Ribbery and Sydney Govlou of France were not only spotted at an Escorts club, but also suspected of sleeping with a prositute (who was said to be underage).

Scandal 3
US team coach Steve Sampson  showed captain John Harkes the door only months ahead of the world cup in 1988 after it emerged that he was having an affair with his the wife of his teammate, Eric Wynalda. Even though the player denied the allegation, he lost his chance at taking part in the World Cup.

Scandal 4
France player Jean Francois Larios was caught having an affair with Michel Platini'e wife just before the 1982 World Cup, killing his prospects of being picked for the team.

Scandal 5
Ahead of Russia world cup, pictures of the Mexican team with sex workers from a farewell were leaked, putting the team's future in jeopardy.

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