Dutee Chand: 'A Victim Of Ragging By Seniors During Her Stay At Sports Hostel'

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Odhisa: Indian Sprinter, Dutee Chand said that she was also a victim of ragging by seniors after an 18-year-old girl committed herself in the sports girl hostel in Bhubaneshwar. Dutee said that seniors tortured and mentally abused her throughout her time at the Bhubaneshwar sports hostel.

Dutee responded to a Facebook post uploaded by a user seeking advice on how to prevent ragging at educational institutions, saying, "At the sports hostel, seniors used to compel me to massage their bodies and wash their clothes. They used to torture me when I stood up to them. The elders also made negative comments about her finances and said that the authorities never paid heed to her accusations."

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"When I complained to the hostel manager, I was chastised. It used to drain my mental energy. I was powerless at the time," the Olympian said.

The Sports Hostel administrators in Bhubaneswar are yet to respond to Chand's allegations.

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