Cristiano Ronaldo's Coco Cola Snub Brings Out The Best In Amul and Fevicol Ads

Ronaldo’s Coca Cola snub, marketing opportunity for Fevicol and Amul  - Sakshi Post

Amul is known for making the most of topical issues. They never miss a chance to put their spin on the most happening thing in the world. The same goes for Fevicol too who are known to come up with clever ads. So, when netizens were making all the noise with memes on Cristiano Ronaldo's Coca Cola snub, the two brands who are known for delivering best advertising moments consumers decided to show their best side of creativity. 

It appears the viral ripples caused by Ronaldo's one gesture seems to have been felt by Fevicol and Amul too. The two leading market players decided to come up with witty advertisements to show their cheeky take on the portugal soccer player's Coca Cola snub. The two have now become viral social media advertising campaigns for both Fevicol and Amul.

The ad of Adhesive manufacturer Fevicol goes something like...“Na bottle hategi, na valuation ghategi (Neither the bottles will move nor will the valuation drop)."

Have a look at their Ads:

It is known that Portugal player Cristiano Ronaldo removed Coca Cola bottles from the table and replaced them with a water bottle during a Euro 2020 press conference which angered not only the sponsors but also the tournament organisers UEFA which reminded the players of their contractual obligations towards the sponsors.

Amul went a step ahead and said 'Not bottling one's feelings!' Check out their Ad:

Meanwhile, Coca Cola is said to have lost $4billion following a drop in stock prices following Ronaldo's snub.

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