Check Why Suresh Raina, Jadeja Tweets Created Controversy

 - Sakshi Post

Ravindra Jadeja shocked fans even more with his tweet referring to himself as a "proud Rajput kid. His tweet comes as his teammate Raina is receiving backlash from supporters who believe that caste must be kept away from the sport.

Raina had previously stated that being a Brahmin made it easy for him to adjust to Chennai culture, which enraged a number of fans who blasted him on social media. 

Jadeja has never shied away from identifying himself as a Rajput, which sparked a backlash in April 2020 when he was chastised for injecting caste into the sport.

Meanwhile, former Indian cricketer Suresh Raina found support from Kirti Azad after receiving a lot of backlash and indignation on social media for his tweet "I'm also a Brahim". The cricketer-turned-politician took to Twitter to say that he, too, was a Brahmin who couldn't understand why there was so much indignation.

"I believe I am also a Brahmin," the southpaw had previously stated. Since 2004, I've been performing in Chennai. I adore the local culture. My comrades are the best. I've had the pleasure of playing alongside Anirudh Srikkanth. L Balaji and Subramaniam Badrinath were also present. Chennai's culture appeals to me. I am lucky to be a part of CSK. "

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