Check How BCCI Responded To Virat Kohli's Statement Over Captaincy

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During the press conference for India's tour to South Africa, Indian test captain Virat Kohli answered a number of questions that have been circulating for some time. His answers relating to the captaincy have sparked yet another debate.

An official from the BCCI stated that the BCCI had asked Kohli not to step down and to remain as captain in the shortest format.

"Virat Kohli can't say we didn't keep him informed. We spoke with Virat in September and asked him not to resign as a T20 skipper. It was tough to have two white ball leaders after Virat handed up the T20 captaincy on his own. On the morning of the meeting, Chetan Sharma informed Virat about the ODI captaincy, "said a BCCI official.

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Earlier, BCCI president Sourav Ganguly stated that the board of directors advised him not to resign. 

During the press conference, Kohli stated that no one asked him not to resign as captain. When I was initially contacted by the BCCI about stepping down as the T20I captain, I informed them that this was my point of view, and these were the grounds for my choice. It was really well received. No one was offended, and no one was hesitant. Nobody told me I shouldn't step down as T20I captain, "said Kohli.

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