BCCI New IPL Rule to Favour CSK, Say Dhoni Haters

 - Sakshi Post

Ahead of the IPL 2022, the BCCI has announced some changes in the playing conditions. One of the positive developments is that the number of DRS for each innings has been increased. Until last year, each side received one DRS in each innings, but that limit has since been increased to two.

During last season, some star players were spotted getting into heated arguments with the umpires after they made some questionable on-field rulings. Keeping this in mind, the IPL Governing Council has allowed one extra DRS for each innings in order to reduce mistakes like last season as much as possible.

The majority of supporters applauded the choice, although there were others who were dissatisfied. Their intention was that it would unfairly favor certain teams over others.

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It is worth noting that MS Dhoni, as a wicket-keeper, has a higher success rate of taking DRS than most of his competitors, which is why some of their opposing supporters began their diatribe by suggesting it would put others at a severe disadvantage.

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