Astrologer's Prediction of IPL 2021 Finals Winner, Is it CSK or KKR?

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With the final match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders on October 15 (Friday), the Indian Premier League (IPL) will come to an end.

The audience and fans are getting ready for the thrilling match that will happen on the occasion of the Dusshera festival (October 15). After the eliminator 2 match between the Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders was completed, people started predicting who would win in the final match.

In the history of the IPL, CSK has won three titles, qualified for the playoffs nine times, and played eight times in the finals. KKR had won one title and entered the playoffs six times.

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Who will win in the final match? For this question, AstroTalk Astrologers predict that, over the years, Knight Riders have dominated the IPL. And this year, despite lagging behind in the early stages of the tournament, the team is on track to make it to the playoffs and even the IPL final. However, the team will not win the IPL because the 9th house, the house of luck, is not in their favour.

 The Chennai Super Kings appear to be the astrologers' favourite, with the majority of them predicting that CSK will reach the IPL final in 2021. This is due to Jupiter's influence on the team's horoscope. Those looking for some Dhoni action, on the other hand, may be disappointed because Thala's planetary position is not favourable this year in terms of sports based on the prediction of Astrologers.

To know if it is true or not, we have to wait and watch the players' actions in the finals.

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