Anxious Cricket Fans Continue to Flock Gymkhana Grounds For IND vs AUS Match Tickets

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Hyderabad: Tension situations continued at the Gymkhana Grounds for the second day in a row, as cricket fans who had purchased online tickets for the T20I match between India and Australia were left disappointed.

Those who had booked tickets for the T20I match at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium via Paytm gathered at Gymkhana Ground on Friday morning to receive actual tickets.

The Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) allegedly advised supporters that they could acquire actual tickets by providing the QR code, along with identity verification and a photograph. When they got to the ground, the cops stopped them. The fans said that they were denied entry even after showing identification.

The HCA announced at the gate that it would not be selling tickets at Gymkhana Ground on September 23 and 24, and asked spectators to cooperate. The supporters got into an argument with the officers. They were irritated by the lack of clarity on ticket sales. Later, a team of Paytm officials arrived at Gymkhana to hand out real tickets to individuals who had booked online.

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The police were having a difficult time controlling the large throng that had gathered for the tickets. Many others who had not purchased tickets online were also hoping that the organisers would sell them offline. The HCA has yet to release information such as the number of tickets sold online and offline.

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