2022 World Athletics U20: Italy Athlete Alberto Nonino Loses Race After Wardrobe Malfunction

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In the World Athletics U20 Championship, Alberto Nonino, 18, of Italy missed the medal in the 400-meter race owing to a wardrobe malfunction.

Alberto Nonino began off exceptionally well, gaining momentum over other athletes, and seemed like he would easily win the race. However, once Nonino passed the middle lane, he appeared uneasy. At the moment, fans had no idea what went wrong, but Nonino's pace slowed somewhat, allowing his opponents to pass him.

Unfortunately, the athlete finished last with a timing of 51.57 seconds. According to sports journalist David Sanchez de Castro of LADbible, Alberto Nonino's penis kept sliding out of his shorts. During the race, he was unable to run adequately due to the event. The 18-year-old athlete attempted to address the situation, but nothing was working in his favour at the time.

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