COVID Vaccine India Update: Pfizer Or Moderna, Which One Is Effective? | Corona Injection Side Effects

All over the world, people are waiting for COVID-19 vaccine and scientists across the world are conducting researches to speed up the possibility of finding a cure or preventive measure.  India’s first indigenous vaccine Covaxin is in phase three clinical stage. Pfizer Inc begun a pilot project for Covid-19 immunization in four states of United States of America (USA). Rhode Island, Texas, New Mexico and Tennessee states were selected for the program because of differences in overall size, population and to reach individuals in various urban and rural people. But we don’t know how this will work and when we will get the vaccine.

Now a new vaccine, Moderna, that protects us against Covid-19 is said to be nearly 95 percent effective as reported in early data from the US company. Both Moderna and Pfizer use highly innovative and experimental approach to designing their vaccines. Even though the Moderna vaccine is effective there are still some questions that remain unanswered. So what us this Moderna vaccine and how does it work? Here, we are some information to clear all your doubts about the Moderna vaccine.

How good it works?

  •  Moderna’s vaccine is based on a new technology that uses a synthetic version of a molecule called “messenger RNA” to hack into human cells. No vaccine based on this platform has been ever approved. The first trial involved 30,000 people in the US being given two doses of the vaccine, four weeks apart.
  •  Only five of the covid cases were in people given the vaccine, 90 were in those given a dummy treatment. The company says the vaccine is protecting 94.5 percent people.
  •    The overall effectiveness has been remarkable it is a great day says Tal Zaks, the chief medical officer at Moderna to BBC News.

When it will be available?

  • Moderna says it will apply in the US in the coming weeks. It expects to have 20 million doses available in the country. They also said that it depends on where you are in the world and how old you are
  • The company hopes to have one billion doses available for use around the world next year and planning to get approval in other countries too.

What we don’t know about this vaccine?

  •    We still don’t know how long the immunity will last. For this, we have to wait much longer. However, there are some hints it offers on providing protection in older age groups, who are most at risk of dying. However, the data is still inconclusive.

Are there any side effects?

  •     Short lived fatigue, headache and pain were reported after the injection in some patients.
  •     "These effects are what we would expect with a vaccine but it is working and inducing a good immune response said” Prof Peter Openshaw, from Imperial College London

How good is it when compared to other vaccines?


Pfizer and BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine



RNA-virus genetic code

RNA-virus genetic code


Two injections 21 days apart

Two injections four weeks apart

How effective





-20c up to six months

How does RNA vaccine work?

  •    Firstly, the vaccine is injected into the patient.
  •   The vaccine enters the cells and produces the coronavirus spike protein
  •   This prompts the immune system to produce antibodies and activate T-cells to destroy infected cells.
  •   If the patients are fighting with coronavirus, the antibodies and T-cells will fight the virus.

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