Rebel Star Ambareesh, Girish Karnad Life Journeys in Audiobooks

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The ‘Rebel star’ Ambareesh’s life story, his biography is now available as an audio-book. Similarly, the multi-talented, Playwright, director and actor Girish Karnad’s autobiography also has an audiobook.

These actors did so much in their time and were the star of the era, their biography is also something that narrates beautiful stories about them. There is no filter as the biographies share some personal stories about struggle and hardships as well.

Ambareesh (1952-2018)

Kannada actor/politician Ambareesh, popularly known as the ‘Rebel Star’, was loved by many. His biography, Ambareesh, (Sawanna Prakashana) was written by the scriptwriter, Shanaru Hullur. This book also won the State Award in 2018 in the Best Book on Cinema category.

After all these years, the biography was made available in audio-book format. It released on Storytel on May 29, which is also the birth anniversary of Ambareesh. It was read by Director and actor Ragu Shivamogga.

Ambareesh was a legendary actor and it was an honour for me to narrate his story. Also, as penned by the very talented Hullur, I became even more thrilled to be part of his experience. It was a wonderful addition to my creative journey, shared Shivamogga, who voiced the book.

Ragu is currently working on his projects and is ready to direct a film. He will dive into the projects as soon as the Covid situation gets better.

Girish Karnad (1938-2019)

A man of many talents, Girish Karnad was a Playwright, director and actor. He could play any role, he could write any story, his plays were loved by all. Fans of this legend will be happy to know that the actor penned his autobiography and now that book is also available in audiobook format. The book hasn’t been released yet but will be soon on Storytel.

What comes as an interesting fact is that the autobiography was written by Karnad back in the 70s. He shares a lot of personal stories. Right from his mother’s struggle-filled past to his own hardworking childhood. It is a ride full of emotions.

The book was narrated by the National award-winning actor Sanchari Vijay. The actor shared that it was a treat reading Karnad’s book as he was such an amazing writer. Vijay added that it is a gripping autobiography. You learn many things about Karnad. It is difficult to stop once you start reading the book. Sometimes Karnad uses such beautiful words to describe an incident that you wouldn’t even know what the word means. You learn about the legend and learn new words, new things, and add to your life’s experience.

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