Radha Ramana Actress Kavya Gowda In Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8?

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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 is one of the hugely awaited TV shows this year. TV audiences are eagerly waiting for the new season of the TV reality show to start. Kannada Bigg Boss 8 is only a few days from its launch and the level of curiosity among fans with respect to the contestants who will take part in this show has reached its peak. 

The names of several celebrities are already being heard. The latest name doing the rounds is that of TV actress Kavya Gowda, who is said to be in the contestants list to take part in Kannada Bigg Boss season 8. 

It is rumored that Kavya Gowda will enter the glass house this time around. The Kannada Bigg Boss house which has been built at the Innovative Film city in Bidadi is said to be thrown open for the contestants on February 28.

Among the names of celebrity contestants being heard for the upcoming season of Bigg Boss house, some notable ones are Geeta Bhat of Brahmagantu fame, singer-actor Sunil Raoh of Excuse me fame, Ashika Ranganath's sister Anusha Ranganath. 

However, Kavya Gowda's sister Bhavya has clarified on her sister's entry into Bigg Boss house. Kavya Gowda has pulled the curtain down on the rumor saying that she will not enter the Bigg Boss this time. Bhavya has revealed this on the social media platform. Asked if Kavya would make an entry into the Bigg Boss house this time around, Bhavya said these were rumours.

As such, amny celebrities entering the Bigg Boss house are not allowed to openly state  the same. So it may not be a surprise to say that Kavya will not enter the Kannada Bigg Boss house. We have to wait until Bigg Boss starts to find out about this.Kavya last appeared in the famous Kannada TV serial Radha Ramana. Kavya had replaced Shweta Prasad in the serial. Kavya wooed the television audience with her role as Radha Miss. 

Kavya has not appeared in any serial since this episode. So the news that she will be in Bigg Boss this time has gone viral.

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