Pogaru Makers Agree To Cut Controversial Scene Hurting Brahmin Sentiments

 - Sakshi Post

Dhruva Sarja's Pogaru movie faced a lot of criticism from Karnataka Brahmin Development Board as there were few objectionable scenes in the film. HS Sachidananda Murthy, President of Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board said that the the filmmakers have shown priests in a derogatory manner and demanded the removal of those scenes which have hurt the sentiments of brahmins in the film. 

In a statement, Sachidanda said that, "It's disgrace to show any caste or religion in a derogatory manner as it will spoil the social system we live in. Remove the scenes immediately and the makers of the movie must apologize. If our demands are not fulfilled then we will protest in front of film chamber of commerce as well as in various parts of the state."  Now, the makers of the movie have agreed to trim those scenes which are hurting the sentiment of Brahmins.

Dhruva Sarja's Pogaru released in theatres on 19th February, 2021 and it is going great at the box office. Nanda Kishore directed the film and BK Gangadhar produced the film. It was shot simultaneously in Kannada and Telugu languages and later dubbed into Tamil. Dhruva Sarja and Rashmika Mandanna acted in the lead roles while Chikkanna, P. Ravi Shankar, Pavitra Lokesh, and Raghavendra Rajkumar played supporting roles. The songs of the movie are superhits and one song, 'Karabuu' created a record of highest viewed Kannada song on YouTube with over 200 million views. 

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