Inspector Vikram Kannada Movie Review, Rating: This Prajwal Devaraj Cop Drama Is One Time Watch

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Prajwal Devaraj's latest outing Inspector Vikram hit theatres on Friday amid huge expectations. Even though the makers have ruled out any link between this movie and the earlier one with the same title that featured hattrick hero Shivarajkumar, Sandalwood fans saw a potentital in this movie considering it has two talented actors including Senior Kannada actor Devaraj's son Prajwal and Bhavana. So hoe does the movie fare?

Well, Inspector Vikram is the story of a cop who's constantly fighting against  the drug mafia. He gets his dope from the undercover agents. Meanwhile, Vikram falls in love with a girl who tries to impress with a song and a fight. However, Kahaani main twist comes when he realises that she has links with drug peddlers. There is infighting among drug peddlers that's when Bhavana ends up shooting one of the international peddler. However, in the process Prajwal gets injured. Here comes the interval bang!

Does Vikram forgive Bhavana for shooting him. What's the real story of the girl? Watch the movie to find out that. Btw, if you are asking me what is Darshan's role in this entire scenario. The Challenging appears as lord Krishna who tries to counsel a youngster wanting to end his life.

Inspector Vikram Review: The first thing that strikes you about the movie is the beautiful cinematography. The lensman has indeed shown his immense talent with the way he has captured scenes and different shades of nature in Inspector Vikram. The BGM is great. Prajwal has done full justice to the role while Jackie Bhavana shines as usual. Raghu Mukherjee steals the show in negative shade character. Inspector Vikram has romance, fun and entertainment. However, the heroism is the same as old movies and doesn't offer anything novel. While heroine character is strong at the beginning of the movie, she pales in comparison to Prajwal towards the end perhaps to show glorify the hero. However, Narasimha does display his prowess as a good storyteller.

Verdict: Inspector Vikram can be a one-time watch

Rating: 3/5

Starring Prajwal Devaraj, Jackie Bhavana, Raghu Mukherji and Darshan, Inspector Vikram is directed by Sri Narasimha. Anoop Seelin has scored the music while Naveen Kumar has done the cinematography.

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