Franklin Theatre: Sanchari Vijay - Gone Yet Not Forgotten

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National Award Winning actor Sanchari Vijay died on June 15th. He met with a road accident on June 12th while he was returning home from his friend's place on his motorbike.  Sanchari Vijay, one of the most talented actors in the Kannada film industry. He stepped into Sandalwood with the movie, Rangappa Hogbitna in 2011. He acted in many Kannada movies including Dasavala, Harivu, Oggarane, Killing Veerappan, Varthamana and Sipaayi among others. He rose to fame with the flick Naanu Avanalla Avalu, which also fetched him his first National Award.

Filmmaker Ravi Kashyap has ensured a special homage for the actor in the United States of America, where Franklin Theatre has a 24 hour sign that has a special tribute to Sanchari Vijay. Director BS Lingadevaru shared this news.

The sign board reads, "Always in our hearts, Sanchari Vijay, gone yet not forgotten." Lingadevaru shared the image with caption,"Franklin Theatre, USA, has been displaying the message Always in our hearts, Sanchari Vijay, gone yet not forgotten in front of the theatre for 24 hours since this morning in loving memory of Vijay. Thank you Franklin Theatre and Ravi Kashyap." Lingadevaru and Mansore have been extremely disturbed with the loss of their friend.

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