Former Bigg Boss Contestant Attempts Suicide Over Failed Marriage

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Kannada Bigg Boss Season 7 contestant, writer, and actor Chaithra Kotoor attempted suicide. We hear that after the high voltage drama over her marriage, Chaitra went into depression and made three attempts to end her life. The third attempt was on the early morning of April 7 (at about 5 am). 

Her father Narayanappa, has said that Chaitra Kotoor, who was deeply pained by the broken marriage episode, consumed Phenol at about 5 am. But she was immediately taken to a private hospital at Kolar and was treated. 

The actor is said to be out of danger now. Chaitra, who got depressed after Nagarjuna denied his relationship with her, had already attempted suicide twice earlier. This was revealed by her grief-stricken father who was in tears. 

For those who joined in late, Chaitra Kotur had married a businessman called Nagarjuna from Mandya on March 28 at Byatarayanapura in Bangalore in the presence of some groups. 

On the same day of her marriage, Nagarjuna and his family alleged that it was a forced marriage. Nagarjuna also claimed that he never liked Chaitra Kotoor. Later, the Kolar police gave them some time and had suggested that the families sort out the issue among themselves. 

But the family of Nagarjuna, who was supposed to come for discussion, never turned up for the meeting. Chaitra who was disappointed by this, is said to have attempted suicide. 

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