Fan's Open Letter To Film Stars: Time To Do Your Bit

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The number of covid patients are increasing day by day! Affected people are running from pillar to post without being able to secure a bed in hospitals for treatment, and many are dying without getting proper treatment. The government is becoming helpless in this hapless situation. One person by the name of Veeraka Putra Srinivas who is a die-hard fan of late Kannada actor Vishnuvardhan has written an open letter to star actors to help these victims at least in this dire situation. The letter has gone viral on social media. 

"Dear star actors! You have earned the love of crores of fans. Fans who love you are in crisis. Please help them. According to me after the mother's love, the love of your fans is the greatest thing. You don't see them. Even if you see, you don't talk to them. Even if you speak you won't remember them later. In spite of this,  those fans see you as their idol throughout their life. They adore you throughout their lives. Even if there is any slightest anti-propaganda against you, they will stand by you without weighing the pros and cons. Your fan gets pained even when you suffer the least. Such fans are in trouble today. Your fans are also there among lakhs of people who are affected by Coronavirus. But they cannot talk about their difficulties with you. Because they know you,  but you do not know who are they.  They know only to stand in a lengthy queue for hours together to wish you on your birthday but never know how to be in touch with you. They know how to give you publicity on social media for years together, and quarrel on your behalf, but they don't know what to expect from you. They know how to spend extravagantly like in festivals and enjoy on the day of the release of your movie, but do not know how to get treated for Coronavirus easily. Dear stars can you help such people? I know it is difficult to search for fans who are in crisis. I also know when you decide to come forward to help, thousands of them will rush towards you. But still, please see what you can do in this dire situation! Because this society has contributed so much to ensure you live in prosperity. When such a society is in crisis, what is the point in your giving free advice like "Stay home Stay safe" and then confining yourself at your homes? Do not announce hollow decisions like "ok. We will give free masks, free rice for families, and arrange transportation for you to reach your natives". People are losing their lives. Use your influence and contacts and save people's lives. Open covid care centres either at your farm houses, or Hotels, or in marriage halls you know. Develop contact with the government does everything possible to avert this crisis," thus has appealed this fan to all the cinema stars.


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