Darshan: I Will Apologise To Jaggesh On Fans' Behalf

 - Sakshi Post

There was a lot of debate over the silence of Sandalwood Challenging Star Darshan over the recent virtual war between Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh and D Boss fans. But now, Darshan has finally broken his silence over the issue.

The controversy over the fight between Jaggesh and Darshan fans has reached its peak. In order to douse t the flames and diffuse the situation, Darshan has chosen to talk about it in a media interview.

"I am well built and hence very visible to people. Jaggesh is always my senior in the industry. Why the controversy? I am not sure what exactly happened. I acted in Inspector Vikram at the behest of Prajwal Deveraj and even finished dubbing for my portions quickly," recalls Darshan.

"I learnt about this soon around midnight when I returned from Tirupati. I also received a lot of calls in this regard. However, it was 2.30am by the time I reached home. Why disturb somebody at that hour and so I called in the morning. I had no clue about my boys going to the shoot location. On behalf of my fans, I tender my apology to Jaggesh. Vikyath has to issue a clarification in this regard. I have nothing to do with this," asserted the Kannada actor.

"I did not know about fans creating a ruckus in front of Jaggesh, I would have stopped them if I knew about it. If Jaggesh said something about me, I really don't care as he's my senior."

The controversy started after an audio clip of Jaggesh demeaning Darshan fans during a phone call with a director went viral. D Boss fans were furious on hearing it. They rushed to the sets of Thothapuri where Jaggesh was shooting in Mysore and demanded an apology from him for talking light about them. Jaggesh was hurt about the way he was attacked by Darshan fans and expressed his distress over the episode. Now, with Darshan himself offering an apology on behalf of the fans, let's hope the controversy ends.

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