Is your partner lying to you? Here is what you should know

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Signs you are being lied to

How to deal with the situation 

What to do if the truth is you’re being lied to? It is painful to be lied to; it isn’t something you can overlook as a mistake because it is a choice to lie. As humans, we do not have access to the minds of others so we rely on actions, body language, and instincts these are things that help you put your faith and trust in someone.

Lying is a habit, It leads to more lies and deception: One study found the brain can adapt to dishonesty. In other words, the more someone lies, the more their brain gets used to lying. It becomes a pattern. It’s important to know if your partner is being honest with you before it gets out of hand.

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Body language cues:

(i) Eye contact: It is found that people avoid making eye contact while lying.

(ii) Blinking: Studies show that when tasks require higher concentration we tend to blink less. This is also a good way to spot lying.

(iii) Silence: The long pauses that come up with the answers to your question, it shouldn’t be such hard work to answer your question.

(iv) Nervousness: Being caught red-handed or being close to getting caught is bound to create anxiety, and another sign is excessive and unnecessary blabbering.

Trust your instinct: Rely on that gut feeling and don’t be afraid to bring it up in a conversation. It could be a simple misunderstanding that can be clarified.

Set boundaries: From early on let your partner know what you are comfortable with or not. A certain amount of transparency is expected in order to build your trust so ask for it, and do not hope that it exists. You don’t have to know everything but to omit important events and their details is a sign to be cautious.

Ask questions: Lying requires effort and good memory, to keep up with the lies, try asking them random parts of the narrative they’ve shared with you, and look for the loopholes. You have a good chance of spotting someone in the act if you pay close enough attention.

Avoiding the subject: They tend to be vague. They put off having conversations around the topic even if you have brought it up. Be stern and make time to address your concerns

Do not be victimized: Depend on your partner's past pattern of behaviour with lying, see if they care about your wellbeing and trust. If it doesn’t seem to be the case it might be time to re-think how you chose to treat yourself.

Trust is the foundation of life; trust strengthens bonds and nurtures love and companionship.

Trust develops very early on. A kid enjoying being thrown up in the air trusts the father to catch them. From a very young age, we are taught to be cautious of who we trust, not talk to strangers, to be wise in who we chose to share information with and to take time to build trust. Studies have been conducted to deduce the value we lay on trust. So needless to say, in intimate relationships, it plays a crucial role. Do not overlook being mistreated.

Some of these tactics are also used in interrogations so be prepared to confront them confidently

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