Find Out if your Zodiac Sign is Loyal or not

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According to studies, Scorpios are universally regarded as the most loyal zodiac signs. Turns out that you can always count on Scorpios to show up for you and they will be there for you through thick and thin, apparently a Scorpio will go to any extent to defend their loved ones. 

People that belong to the zodiac sign Taurus are extremely dedicated. They will do anything, literally anything for someone once they have decided that they want to be with them. They are also extremely stubborn, once they have made up their mind it is extremely hard to change it or call their devotion towards it into question. 

Libras are very romantic and loving which is why being loyal is always a priority for them, Libra people pride themselves on their ability to balance various aspects of their lives which is why their love stories often tend to last a lifetime. 

Leo’s are fiercely loyal and Leo people are even capable of taking drastic steps in order to stay faithful. They may be a little self-centered at times but will go to any extent to defend the ones that they love and they do this with stubbornness which is why they may get offended when their dedication and love is called into question. 

Aries can have a little trouble keeping up promises, this is because aeries people usually have extremely dynamic and bubbly personalities which is why it is impossible to tie them down in one place. Aries people can get bored very easily hence faithfulness and loyalty towards only one person are not really qualities that excite an Aries. If you fall in love with an Aries, it could either go really well or really bad. 

Dating a Gemini is always a gamble, Geminis have a bad reputation associated with them when it comes to love but they do not get enough appreciation for their personalities and how they evolve when they are in love. However, one thing is that when a Gemini falls in love, loyalty almost becomes muscle memory since they will do whatever it takes to make their relationship a success. 

Aquarius is one sign that apparently has no faithfulness, Aquarius people are often deemed to be very ambitious and determined however, this also means that they will not mind walking all over someone if it means that they can get to where they want to be in life. Aquarius signs have an insatiable need to be free and when they are tied down in a relationship, their faithfulness just may not cut it for you. 

Often plagued with commitment issues, Sagittarius is not the most loyal zodiac sign out there. They have an infamous reputation for being the most disloyal zodiac sign of all due to the fact that they have a hard time maintaining relationships and can be fickle-minded at times.   

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