Influencer Marketing: In Conversation With Raushn Jha, Founder CEO, PDP Media

 - Sakshi Post

As the preference for influencer marketing is rapidly increasing among brands, the content creator community’s growth is expected to continue. In an exclusive Interview with Sakshi Post, Raushn Jha of PDP Media tells Mohammed Rayees ur Rahim more about this new marketing domain and his other projects and more.

1. Tell us what do you mean by influencer marketing and management?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing involving promotion from an individual/a group/a community/an organization that has a certain kind of influence over a section of people. And managing such individuals, communities, organizations, etcetera is called influencer management.

2. You have founded a film production company, "Picture Dekho Productions". Later, you forayed into the digital medium, could you share your success story with PDP Media?

I was producing films only, but in 2020, because of the lockdowns, I was home. I couldn't shoot anything, so I had to utilize my time for something bigger, and influencer marketing was a new concept even by then, so I thought of starting PDP Media. But I came with a mindset to bring some positive changes in this industry as well. Because I believe, if you are doing the same thing others are doing, then you are not doing it right. Well, then I started this with a few creators who I knew, and gradually we increased the numbers. In just a year's time, we became no.1 in the influencers management space.  We are constantly working towards bringing some positive changes to this sector.

3. Do you get influencer marketing and management projects besides FMCG products?

We work with record labels, film productions, OTT platforms, short video platforms, etc. So yeah, we also work with all kinds of brands besides FMCG.

4. How has been the growth curve for influencer marketing and management?

The Influencer marketing industry has seen tremendous growth in the last few years; it has become exponentially bigger during COVID-19. As per a report, the influencer marketing market size is projected to grow up to $15 billion, which is a $8 billion growth since 2019.

5. During Covid-19 offline marketing activities took the biggest hit ever, how did influencer marketing and management perform?

Although you can see bigger growth in influencer's marketing market size in the COVID-19 pandemic; but, on the ground level, we have seen that the influencer marketing industry also got affected by the pandemic; many agencies had no sales at all for months.

6. You also have started ‘Talehsot’ a new-age content company. What kind of Alternative Content does this company create?

So through taleshot, we are trying to target different sets of audiences through different mediums. Right now we are creating content over social media platforms, we are also producing content for Audio OTT platforms, and we are also planning to produce snackable video content in the future. PDP Invention group is trying to build its own ecosystem in the Media & Entertainment industry so that we can bring some positive changes for all.

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