Hero Cycles Delivers Made-in-India e-Bikes To Europe, Check Details

 - Sakshi Post

India's Hero Motors Company has successfully delivered its first batch of "Made in India" e-bikes to Europe. Around 200 units in the first batch were delivered to Germany and the company is planning to sell further units around the European Union(EU) market in the future.

The shipment was made under the KNF brand of Hero International (HIT) and it plans to become a leader in the EU, the company said.

Hero International said that the company aims to achieve revenue of up to 300 million Euros by 2025 while adding 200 million Euro from inorganic growth.

Jeff Weiss, the London-based CEO of HIT said, " the first Hero e-bike has landed on European shores which is a big moment for the company. This will demonstrate its ability to disrupt the market in Europe."

Jeff added that they are confident that Hero is poised to become a market leader in the e-bikes segment.

Hero said that it established its digital supply chain company- Hero Supply Chain(HSC) to cater to this growing demand for bikes and e-bikes.

HSC is designed to act as a consolidated buying house for HIT and cater to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) demand in the EU for supplies from India.

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