YS Jagan Will Be CM Again, TDP's Divya Vani's Sensational Comments

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Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader and former actress Divya Vani made some sensational statements about the Opposition Party and also that of the ruling Party and also predicting how Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy would win again. In a candid interview, the firebrand Divya Vani who is the first to speak if any leader makes a statement against the TDP or its Chief Chandrababu Naidu, suddenly sounded very mellow. 

She was responding to a campaign on social media saying that the YSRCP would win in the elections again.  She revealed that the ruling party leaders had invited her to join the party and she also had friendly relations with many of them. Divya Vani also stated that  TDP was not able to utilize her services properly and would continue with the party as long as the situation was appropriate.

Divya Vani said that she was not the kind of person who would leave the party when its fortunes were on the wane. However, she also said that the YSRCP leaders were not her enemies and they were only her competitors in the political arena. She also agreed with the rumours that the current situation in the TDP was not very bright, but they were working with the Party as they were bound by party rules and trust in the leader while sharing her commitment to the party. When Sadineni Yamini left the TDP she got many calls to join the YSRCP. She also said that many of them told her that they would be forming the Government again and that she should come and join them, she revealed.

She said that she was impressed with Chandrababu’s vision and discipline and would stay with the pArty. However she added that she waiting to see if the High Command would take the opportunities to make relevant changes in the party, she said. She also said that the YSRCP would win in the upcoming elections due to the welfare schemes implemented by the government. She said that many people from her party were jumping to the YSRCP to save their properties and protect their interests and that she had no issues with them.

With her contradictory comments on the party, the TDP leaders are confused as to whether she was supporting the TDP or showing interest in the YSRCP and this has become of point of discussion in the political circles whether she is also hinting at any change in her loyalty!

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