Will You Take Vaccine First Or Give Your Parents, Sajjala Asks Nara Lokesh

File Cases Against TDP For Fake Info On Vaccination: Sajjala - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI:  came down heavily on TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu and a section of media for spreading falsehood on procurement of  Vaccination and said Central Government has clearly stated in its affidavit regarding essential supplies and services to Supreme Court that national task force is monitoring  Vaccine allocations and vaccines are being supplied to the states based on Central Government guidelines. 

Speaking to media at party central office here on Monday, Sajjala said the false propaganda of TDP and a section of media on Vaccination has created panic among the people leading to a mad rush at Vaccination centres resulting in further spread of the virus. He said though the ministers and officials are stating facts daily on supply of vaccination, oxygen and medicines, TDP and Yellow media are spreading misinformation making people risk their lives out of fear. He termed the propaganda of Naidu as treason and suggested the intellectuals and civil society react to it and file cases against these people. He said cases will also be filed on a section of media spreading false information with vested interests. 

He slammed the Opposition for not being responsible during the pandemic and distorting facts for their personal interests. He said while the Chief Minister and Officials are running from pillar to post to contain COVID by increasing bed availability,  supply of oxygen, recruiting doctors and medical staff and writing letters to the central government for more vaccines, TDP and a section of media are indulging in cheap politics. 

He said the Chief Minister will write a letter to the centre requesting for delicensing of covaxin vaccine and increase production. He said the state government has brought covid treatment under Arogyasri and providing free treatment to lakhs of people and reminded that Rs 600 crores of pending arrears of Arogyasri of the previous government have to be paid by the present government.

He said while the state government is working with a plan to vaccinate everyone in phases prioritising people above 45 years as they are more vulnerable to COVID and completing the second dose as it's important, Naidu has been instigating people with his lies and questioned Nara Lokesh whether he would take the vaccine first or get it administered to his parents once the vaccine is available.

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