Will Reveal Details About Paritala Sriram's Corruption In Raptadu: YSRCP MLA T Prakash Reddy

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ANANTAPUR: "The TDP rule has done no good to the district, especially the Raptadu constituency,'' fired YSRCP MLA Thopudurthi Prakash Reddy . Training guns on the local TDP leader Paritala Sriram, Prakash Reddy questioned  as to which part of the constituency was irrigated during the TDP regime, which he was claiming. Speaking to reporters at the YSRCP Raptadu constituency office, Thopudurthi said that,"There was nothing your (Sriram) family has done except exploiting the place since ages,'' he fired. '' How many assets did you have in the past  and how many assets do you have now ? Can you tell where it all came from?,'' he questioned Sriram.

Using Paritala Ravindra's name you have the distinction of grabbing lands in the region indiscriminately, whereas we are focussed on doing service for public, he said. ''Did you not buy land in the vicinity of Kia factory in the district, and in the capital region of  Amravati area under benami names?  MLA Topudurthi Prakash asked Paritala Sriram.

 We will expose Paritala Sriram and release  full details of all that was done by him, he revealed. The YSRCP leader said they we need not resort to cheap and faction ridden politics like the Paritala family.  '' Can Sriram and his family, who claim that development took place during the TDP regime, show what was done for the  region when they were  in power as MLAs in the Raptadu and Penukonda areas. Can they show it to the people even once as proof,'' he asked.

MLA Prakash Reddy challenged   Paritala Sriram to explain why water was not brought in for the Peruru dam during his term. The YSRCP MLA also alleged that when Rs 800 crore were sanctioned for the contract works, the Paritala family had a share of Rs 300 crore in the project.

Paritala Sriram, who knew that he had no place in the region once development started taking place in Raptadu, now has fled to Dharmavaram and is  speaking whatever he chooses to there , he fired. When we came to power we have focused on public welfare since the past 18 months  and for the development of the constituency. He said that  the Paritala's family, hired in-charges for every mandal in the region  and robbed the State.

MLA Prakash Reddy reminded that the previous government had tried to help just a thousand families with the establishment of the Jockey factory in the region. However, we are looking to provide employment to more than 15,000 families, he stated. We are also working with the aim of helping families and empower women through establishment of Milk dairies in the region, he stated, while signing off. 

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