This TDP MP Is Just Busy Writing Letters

 - Sakshi Post

He is billed as one of the fieriest speakers in Parliament and has impressed everyone with his oratorical skills in both English, Hindi and Telugu. His family is known for its outreach and connect with the people. But, despite all these, the young MP is maintaining a low profile.

Yes. We are talking about Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu. Son of TDP biggie K Yerran Naidi, Rammohan Rao has impeccable credentials. His uncle is former minister Atchen Naidu. But, of late, he is not attending public outings and is not even in touch with the party workers. He has kept himself confined to writing letters to the officials and the government. Beyond that, he is unusually silent.

Sources close to him say that it is not because of the Corona scare. Despite Corona he had moved among the people and did party work even during the lockdown. But, they argue that ever since his uncle Atchen Naidu was arrested in the ESI scam case, he is very low key. He is said to be upset at the way the TDP has chosen to remain muted on the issue.

So, on Friday, when Atchen Naidu got bail after nearly two months, he merely thanked the supporters and asked them not to come. Though he cited Corona as  the reason, he seems to prefer a close-door meeting with his uncle first. Ony after this, he would react, sources close to him said. 

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